1 Night 2 Days Trip – Sundarban Package

Day 1

Pick up from Calcutta at the discussed place over the phone, you are met by our representative and escorted to the vehicle that will take you directly towards Sundarbans. Getting to your resort itself is a wonderful journey of adventure and amazement, which has ferry rides, rickshaw rides,
Refreshments will be provided on board, in case you were too sleepy to grab a bite this morning 🙂
Arrive at the Eco Village resort on the island and village of Satjelia by lunch. Check into your cottage rooms that have specially been made to give you a feel of the surrounding village. Once settled in, enjoy the peace and tranquility of the surroundings over a delicious lunch.

Post lunch everyone can rest for a bit, latter in the day we head out for a village walk and for a ride on local boats to slowly drift through channels and along islands. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the amazing net casting techniques of local fishermen and women, observe the abundant birdlife and various other wildlife that tend to often surprise you with a glimpse in this mystic place.

We head back to the resort for the evening where some local musician try to make you feel home by singing their lullaby’s and traditional songs with their traditional musical instrument like Anando-lahori etc. Enjoy your dinner before retiring to your peaceful mud huts for a well-deserved sleep. Don’t make it too late as it’s an early start tomorrow.

Day 1

We try to start as early as possible, board our personalized powered boat, get the required permits from the forest office and head off into the jungle for our rendezvous with one of the biggest mangroves in the world, rich in flora and fauna so different from what you see in any other jungle.

This boat safari will cruise through various channels and will last till sunset. During this period we will also visit 3 watch towers at Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali and Dobanki. During these safaris the main aim always is to experience probably the rarest sighting in the Indian jungles, a glimpse of the elusive Sundarbans Tiger! But, it would be criminal to ignore all the other wonders of nature seen there. These include civet cats, water monitor lizards, wild boars, salt water crocs, dolphins and deer amongst numerous others, not to mention the various bird species resident as well as migratory. There are seven varieties of just Kingfishers found in this area, often seen diving in for fish as you float by.

Breakfast, lunch and other refreshments will be served on the boat, prepared brilliantly by a local lady cook who joins us for the safari. Don’t put your cameras away just yet because this area also treats visitors to some of the most spectacular sunsets seen anywhere, after this we start heading Gosaba where our transfer awaits back to Calcutta to reach by 8pm at your respective ongoing plans after.

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