Places to Visit In Sundarban

The picturesque great thing about Sundarban attracts several tourists. Settled in state, India, this traveler destination is most well-liked by individuals of all age teams.  Sundarban is listed as UN agency World Heritage web site and is has very made diversity of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna.

Sundarban may be a visual treat for the travellers United Nations agency like to explore its undomesticated life and dense forests. Home to a parkland and life sanctuary, it’s additionally the shelter place for the notable Royal geographical area Tigers.

Why Visit Sundarban?

– It’s the most important Rhizophora mangle forest within the world.

– It’s the house to many migratory birds, noticed ruminant, crocodiles and snakes together with the Royal geographical area Tigers

– In winters it becomes Associate in Nursing abode for bird watchers

– It epitomizes wild

– It’s the world’s largest body of water forest and delta

Places to Visit

Tiger Reserve- it’s the prime traveller attraction of Sundarban. From a distance you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the daily activities of the Tigers and different animals.

Sajnekhali Watch Tower – This tower has proximity to most of the resorts within the Sundarban space.  It’s additionally the top workplace of the Forest Department it’s a capability of twenty individuals at a time and provides chance to look at life closely. From here birdwatchers will see seven vibrant species of the coraciiform bird, White Bellied ocean Eagle, Sandpipers and Curfews. From this tower you furthermore might get the permission to go to the Tiger Reserve.

Bhagabatpur crocodilian Project- you’ll be able to realize biggest body of water crocodiles here. This makes it joined of the favoured attraction of Sundarban touristy.

Netidhopani- This place homes ruins of a four hundred year recent temple. several tourists visit this temple for attend. It’s additionally beautified by the mangroves and wonderful life.

Sundarban National Park- settled at the Southern tip of state, this parkland is that the place wherever ocean meets the land. This web site was declared as a life Sanctuary in 1977. it’s a home to over four hundred Tigers. This parkland is made in flora and fauna and homes many species of reptiles also.


Piyali- you’ll be able to sit back at this place, whereas you’re on your thanks to explore the made forests of Sundarban.  Piyali Delta is taken into account joined of the perfect locations for a romantic vacation.

Halliday Island- it’s settled at the south of Sundarban tiger Reserve and is crowded by traveller each year.  You’ll be able to realize here the last retreat of the cervid.

Kanak- This place may be a home to the Lepidochelys olivacea Turtles that primarily thrive in shallow waters and beaches.

The pristine tranquillity and also the natural great thing about Sundarban is very appreciated by tourists. Book a visit with any Sundarban tour operator to get pleasure from the wonder of this exotic place.

There are several corporations which supply Sundarban tour packages. Choose an acknowledged Sundarban tours and travel company for a trouble free trip.

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