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Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is open daily from November to May i.e., for 6 months, unless due to the rains in an exceptional year the park has to be closed earlier by the Forest department for safety, or unless census may be scheduled.
Park may remain open partially on the months of October and May subject to weather and road conditions, We provide you a complete package from Destination to Destination which included your stay, food, jungle permits, safari charges, vehicle allowance, and pleasant surprises.

Kaziranga National Park – The prehistoric land of Rhinos which is also the very beginning of our Himalayas, the Forest holds an healthy population of various Wildlife species and equally abundant in its vegetation from thick dense forest to swamp lands to hilly terrain to flat grass lands, Kaziranga has it all. The park hosts 4 entry gates which measures 1055sq/km in total along with the recent addition of 300sq/km of the karbi hills which can be easily observer during safaris.

This forest is shaped by the yearly floods that occurs every monsoon, flashfloods from its neighboring hills of Karbi-anglong and gradually rising Brahmaputra brings lots of fertility to the soil which helps in replenishing the Crops and forest growth along with population control of the wildlife inside the Park.

Kaziranga is well known for its One Horn Rhinos, you can also look out for some magnificent Tuskers, and Heard of elephants Water Buffaloes, Swamp Dears, Hog deer, Sambar deer, Wild Boar it’s great for bird watching – holding more than 400 different species of resident birds and lot of passage migratory birds to look out for, a small tip is to bring your own Binoculars to search and scan the sky where you might see Hornbills Pallas fishing eagle and even Himalayan giant Squirrels.

As Assam is also known for its Tea estate you will see quit lot of tea plantation around the national park which also holds few wildlife species such as the common leopard, slow Lories, giant squirrel, Hoolock Gibbons etc. Along with lot of rare species of birds, the region also holds healthy growth of an ancient spice Black pepper, it’s a biodiversity hotspot, alone in the Northeast of India there are more than 700 species of orchids recorded in wild, The States of Northeast India i.e. Arunachal, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, and Sikkim bears mostly same economic, social and political sphere, but it has a great diversity in ethnic and religion system. Northeast has a variety in numbers for its natural recourses, from tea farming to crude oil and natural gas, bamboo, silk and beautiful handcrafts.

Kaziranga Tour Package


Sol Village

Think about vernacular materials, Mud, Clay, Bamboo, Tree trunks, Haye, Rice straws, Sand, Limestone, and Rockstone etc. These are some of many old traditional building materials that were used earlier before the modernization and globalization in Mankind, Keeping the local architecture and pristine environment in mind, the Huts are built primarily with local available materials and made by villages bordering the National park and surrounding the premises.

The whole Idea of Sol Village is living a Self-sustainable life, where we try to grow our own edibles, try to harvest rain water and use hand-drilled pump for water and seek help from the Sun to provide electricity for our daily consumption.

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Assam is one amongst the foremost lovely states in India, settled within the North-Eastern a part of the country. The state may be a treasure treasure trove that gives one thing or the opposite to any or all its guests and offers them reasons to go to it.

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Kaziranga National Park is one of the important national park of India. This protected area of our country provides shelter to large variety of flora and fauna.

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