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Hollongpar Gibbon Sanctuary

We provide the best gibbons national park tour package at an affordable price. Gibbons national park has seven species of gibbons.

Named after the only Ape’s species (Hoolock Gibbon) found in India, Gibbon Sanctuary is a small Sanctuary of around 20.98 sq. km In Jorhat district of Assam with semi-evergreen forests and evergreen patches with tea gardens and human settlements, which is open pretty much throughout the year.

This sanctuary is famous for its Human- primate diversity. Seven species of primates are found in this sanctuary alone. It includes Hoolock Gibbon, Capped Langur, Slow Loris, Rhesus Macaque, Assamese Macaque; Pigtailed Macaque & Stump tailed Macaque. Other mammals found in this sanctuary are Leopard, Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Chinese Pangolin, Wild Boar, Squirrel, Asian Elephant, Indian Fox, Civet Cat, Bats etc. Many different varieties of reptiles like Lizard, Python, Cobra, and Turtles are also found in this sanctuary; the best thing about this park is that we have a walking safari where you take the blissful steps in the wild savanna of Gibbons sanctuary, accompanied by forest guards and guide to give you some exciting wildlife watching experience.

The Sanctuary turns to angelic presence around during few days of monsoon for all shapes and sizes of beautiful butterflies come to life and take their very first flight to the unknown.

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Gibbons national park

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